Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Falling Behind

I feel a bit behind on life lately.  I feel it most acutely in the lack of pictures.  I just can't seem to pick up my camera when I really should, as evidenced by the near total lack of pictures from this glorious holiday weekend.  Some dear friends of ours were in town, and I don't think I got any pictures of our adorable children playing together.  Ugh.

Additionally, Greta has become less of a lump.  Which I love, except when it comes time to try to get things done.  She's not much for being set down or ignored, so I must accomplish things in 5 second increments.  Okay, except for all of those little projects I mentioned I've been starting.  And it feels a bit lame to be a stay at home mom who can't find the time to do much cleaning or cooking.  I guess I could if I really wanted, but...

As for those projects.  Landlording has taken a step up this week as I play the find-a-tenant game.  It's a weird position to be in, as I still feel like the college student who should be out looking for places to rent.  I feel like I'm in an unearned position of authority, deciding who we deign worthy to take possession and give us money. 

But life is good.  I'm so happy to be home with Greta.  Made all the more so by some of her very early bedtimes (6:30 tonight)!  If I was working and missed all but 2 of her waking hours I would be so sad.  Nursing is a continued roller coaster.  My supply still isn't great, so I spend a LOT of time nursing and she spends more time than she should being grumpy and vaguely hungry.  I think my supply would be ideal for a baby that only wants small amounts at a time.  But if she had her way she'd tank up and be set for a few hours.  So her and I have a bit of a disconnect.

And tired.  After that last post (that very night) her sleeping went to he!!. It's up and down, but usually up at least twice a night.  It's catching up with me, particularly when coupled with crappy napping and the desire to get things done after bedtimes.

That's about it.  The holidays are upon us, which I love.  I struggle to find patience when pitted against fatigue and a 3-year-old.  I have been losing that battle too much lately. 

One of the few photos I did manage to take this weekend.  The quest for the tree.  It was met with a lot of tears from Greta, as she decided she was hungry the moment we were on the tractor.  And MJ, who decided she HAD TO PEE the moment DH started cutting.  Screaming infant, crying toddler.  It was a memorable quest that I'm sure someday I'll miss. 

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