Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We are traveling. The girls and I, that is, so don't bother planning to rob our house blind, my husband is busy feeling like a bachelor again in our absence.

My attempt to nap when the girls nap.  But too much coffee has thrown that off a bit; not that I would even be functioning were it not for too much coffee.

We left yesterday. Even though the girls were almost angelic on the flight, it was still a healthy reminder that flying alone with two children is no joke. It was a constant effort to pacify them both. But for all that, still easier than flying with MJ from age 6 months to age 18 months. Even with DH to help, that experience was sheer torture. This experience was simply difficult.

It has been wonderful to see family and friends, and we still have a week in front of us. But this trip has been a reminder that traveling with children takes away a lot of the joy of traveling. It adds new joys, but it's complicated. Catching up with old friends? Difficult, because MJ is determined to be an integral part of every conversation. Schedules are out of whack anyway when you have a newborn and a toddler that prefers to wake no later than 6 am every day. But now that means 4 am and I. Am. Tired.

But tomorrow I get to take MJ to the coast. And they get to spend time with their Great Grandma and meet Great Uncles, Great Aunts and second cousins for the first time. There will be many joys this week, including some fine Portland microbrews, so it all seems worth it.
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