Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream fail

Remember that dream I had of not returning to Ikea for a full year? I'll think about that dream as I return to Ikea tomorrow to pick up a missing piece for the bed I've been assembling. Also? Baby Mama? More than just a handy moniker. MJ has actually started calling me Baby Mama. Won't it be weird when she reads this blog someday? We have so many more tools to embarrass our teenagers than our parents ever dreamed of. Lastly, my unborn is kicking me. A lot. Which is why I'm not asleep right now. Perhaps this is retaliation for letting MJ yell "POOPY! POOPY! POOPY!" at the top of her lungs into my belly. The milestone of 23 weeks is that they can hear everything now, and MJ just wants to fully prepare her for the family she's to be born into.

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