Friday, August 12, 2011

Month 23: our life in pictures

You can see the tale of our days here.  We've had some very hot days, and some much more tolerable days.  We've spent lots of time outside, rain or shine.  Lots of time in the water (harder to take pictures!)  In a few of these pictures, you can catch a glimpse of two of my oldest friends (not in age, but in years).  It was a wonderful visit ; I haven't gotten a chance to spend this much time with these girls since high school, and it was just like old times (okay, not really, but a new version of wonderful).

You can also see in some of these pictures that MJ is climbing to new heights.  She scales the jungle gym without fear, but forces me to squeeze inside to catch her.

The biggest story of the month is language.  It blows me away.  Many new words every day, and three to four word phrases.  I used to be able to easily understand her because her vocabulary was limited, but now her vocabulary is extensive enough I often have no idea what she's talking about. 

Potty training: pretty much non existent.  She's interested but non committal.  She did, however, lift up her leg and pretend to pee on a tree at the park, just like Vito. 

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  1. I love this idea! I'm totally going to start doing it. :)