Thursday, June 16, 2011

21 months

This photo is pretty representative.  In the time it took me to get two bags of groceries in the house (only one trip) this whole scene transpired.  You found that your kiddie pool had some fresh rainwater in it.  You splashed, got wet and cold.  Managed to get your shoes off.  Tried your darnedest to get your sweater off, until you came trotting up to me in frustration. 

I have to say, getting to spend so much time with you these past couple weeks has been glorious.  You are learning so much every day, I finally feel like I am teaching, not just protecting.  I finally feel like my parenting decisions matter when I see you (sort of, sometimes) starting to share, because you look at me and know you might get a time out if you don't share.  I am seeing that you are always happy and even sometimes nice, which is a lot to ask of a toddler.  You are starting to make me proud of the little person you're becoming. 

You are still fearless.  And strong.  I hadn't realized how crazy it is that you like to climb up on your changing table when you need to be changed until other parents expressed shock at the thought.  Sometimes you don't even tell me you need to be changed, I just walk in and you're sitting there, quietly waiting.

Favorite things: cherries (if only you'd stop eating the pits), books, Elmo, babies (real and pretend), climbing, running, Vito.

My favorite things: watching you learn to communicate.  You've been doing two word phrases for a couple months, but you are now getting more creative.  You are now insistent in being understood, and if we can't figure out what you mean you pull on our hand to show us.  Utterly adorable, even when we don't really want to follow you around.  Your newest word is "alligator", which is really just "al-eaqnlfvdvhdbahqlbhvf" i.e. "al" followed by about two seconds of gibberish. 

Although I gripe about how high energy you are, I also love it.  You are a barrel of fun all the time.  Although you are a challenge, your joyfulness is contagious.  Your spontaneous hugs make me so glad to be home with you; completely unsolicited, completely unexpected.  I am curious how these next few months will go, as you and I settle into the routine of spending so much more time together.  I am excited to teach you more about the world, and to play a greater role in your day to day life.  When I'm with you, I get to see everything for the first time.  Things that have long since lost their fascination, like squirrels, flowers and the moon, are new again.

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  1. Oh great, now I get to read all your posts about how awesome staying at home is and get really jealous!!