Thursday, September 3, 2009


The abstract is... completed. Submitted. Not all that great, I wish it had something more earth shattering to say, but I always wish my science was more earth shattering than it actually is. I guess that's what keeps me motivated.

Now I find myself... waiting. I'm due in 4 days. I realize you're not allowed to get impatient until you've passed your due date, and I actually don't feel that impatient, I'm just not sure what to do with myself. I have stopped going in to work/school. The nursery is finished. The house is as clean as I am capable of keeping it (though some would probably still be horrified by it. Babies covered in dog fur are gross to some people; I see it as evidence that my two favorite little beings are bonding.) The birthing books are read. The pediatrician has been met with. The freezer is pretty well stocked. The diapers are prepped. What else is there? What am I missing? What will I desperately wish I had done when I had the chance?

What I have been doing is cooking. I watched Julie & Julia the other day, and, like everyone else who sees that movie, was inspired to hit the kitchen. Last night I made prosciutto wrapped shrimp with cilantro and chipotle pepper glaze, along with corn and cheddar bay biscuits. Tonight... I haven't decided on dinner tonight. Tonight may be ice cream. Or yogurt. Or something else bad for me, because A will be sleeping until right before he has to work.

Maybe it's time to take down the baby shower decorations.

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