Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 + 11 Months

One post a month shouldn't be too tough.  But it is, apparently.  I completely missed the 10 month update.  Sorry Teddy.

But, sweet boy, when you don't get much sleep, everything seems tough.  Let's see, two months gone, what all has happened.  Fall was beautiful, lots of time outside.  Halloween was cold, but you made an adorable chicken.  November was even colder, and you experienced the snow for the first time.  Big fan.  The only thing that allows you to tolerate your snowsuit is when you get to play in the snow.  You experienced your first sled ride, your first cake, your first dum-dum and your first playground slide.  Not in that order.  All of them: love.

You went through some tough weeks, followed by some attempts at sleep training, and you finally started sleeping through part of the night.  Not up 4 or 5 times, so better.  Still, though, at your best you were up two or three times.

Finally, last week, days before your 11 month birthday, I couldn't deal.   Half of the night you were up every hour.  I gave up.  I was too tired to care.  I put in ear plugs and you apparently fell asleep.  Eventually.  I'm not proud of my parenting moment, but then you slept until 8 am!  Astounding.  The next day, at nap time, I let you cry again.  You fell asleep for a few minutes, then up again.  More crying.  But then you fell asleep for 3 hours.

So, full on cry it out.  And it worked.  You are now going to bed at about 6 or 7, and sleeping until 6 or 7 am.  You often wake up at about 5 for a bottle.  But that is astounding!  I feel like a real person again!

You are a busy, crazy little boy.  You love climbing in the dishwasher, eating the dog food, pulling power cords out of sockets, and chewing on christmas lights.  You aren't allowed to do any of these things, and it makes you mad.

In the past few days you've actually started to take a few steps at a time.  So close to walking.  I think your sister has hindered you a bit; when you look like you're about to walk and she comes barreling toward you, you just plop right down.  Can't say that I blame you.

Not a great eater, but a terrific cuddler.  The list of things you won't eat is still longer than the list of things you will.  You will eat beets, peas, tomatoes and broccoli (sometimes) but not carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, or most other vegetables.  You like cheese but not eggs.  All fruits, of course, are a-okay.

But, until last week, you would regularly nap on me.  Just cuddle right up and fall asleep.  You love exploring your world, but also love crawling over to me and tugging on my pant leg to be picked up.  At almost 1-year-old, you love being in the Ergo, faced toward me, snuggled up and warm.  I love it.  I hope you stay my cuddly, fuzzy headed little boy forever.  

You both adore and fear your older sisters.  You both adore and abuse you.  You are loved, but it is not yet a patient love.  That will come in time.

I absolutely can't believe you're almost one.  This year has been a total blur.  So glad I took a lot of pictures.  I look forward to sleeping more, and hopefully remembering a bit more.  A little less craziness.  Still crazy, but crazy together rather than crazy individually.  You are such a part of this family now.  Baby.  Baby T.  Teddster.  Mr. T.  We love you.  We can't wait to see the little boy you become, but will miss all your babyness.

Get some sleep, sweet boy.


  1. Crazy how quickly the year can pass when the days seem to be so long sometimes! He reminds me of W a bit - the toughy of the family (and people wonder why I was so elated that #4 is a girl, ha. Boys are soooo much harder!).
    And my sleep training method with him was very similar... I just completely threw in the towel around 9 or 10 months and let him cry. Soooo hard but SO totally worth it. My worst sleeper for nearly a year is now the BEST sleeper in the house. And life got SO MUCH MORE manageable once he (we!) started sleeping :)

  2. Aww fuzzy headed boys who love cuddling - thankfully Luke still USUALLY likes to cuddle. Glad he's finally sleeping!!