Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the move

Taken at 28 weeks 3 days
 29 weeks.

Due Date: 1 August.  2.5 months away.

Weight Gain:  32 lbs!
I think my midwife must be bad at math, because at my appointment the other day she said "22 pounds!  Right on track!"  I didn't correct her.

Symptoms:  Tired.  Always somewhat hungry, often ravenously hungry.  I know I don't want to gain more.  I know to tone it down.  But it doesn't seem to be working.  Did I mention tired?  The fatigue hit this week.  I know part of it is that DH has been working a ton, so it has just been MJ and I.  But I feel bad because by the end of the evening I have little energy for anything.  I'm short with MJ.  I haven't been cooking, or even really cleaning, because the effort doesn't feel worthwhile.  Too soon to be feeling this way!

What's different this time:  Much less pain than last time around.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Food.  All the time.

Sleep:   I've been sleeping well but am still so tired....

I am loving:  My time with MJ.  Trying to soak in having her all to myself.  Knowing she will never get our undivided attention again, I love just spending mother daughter time with her. 

I miss:  I saw a photo of myself.  I know logically it wasn't even during a particularly thin spell, but it looked amazing.  I hope I can look like that again.
I am looking forward to: Lots of trips.  We were in Chicago last weekend.  On Saturday I leave for a work trip for FIVE DAYS!  This will be the longest I've been away from MJ.  At first I was really sad about it, but now I'm really looking forward to it.  It sounds relaxing, even though I know I'll be working a lot while I'm there.  It will also be my last solo trip for, likely, a very long time.  And given how impatient I've been with my darling child, it will be good for her to have some one-on-one dad time.  Then I come back from that and leave the next day for Madeline Island.  Part of why I've planned all these is knowing I'll soon be stuck at home, sequestered from the public, unable to travel.  Trying to get it out of my system while I can, so that I'm happy to be home and tired of traveling.

I'm spazzing about:  Nothing in particular.  I finished the crib.  I washed and put away baby clothes and diapers.  I have much of what NEEDS to be done finished.  I'll be ordering a recliner this week, and finishing up final touches once this bout of traveling is done.

Milestones/Progress: Nothing much.  Had my gestational diabetes test the other day, and am assuming no news is good news.  Got my rhogam shot.  Pre-registered for the hospital. 

Movement: Big movements, though less frequent.  Definitely a lopsided belly.  MJ's butt always stuck out on the right side, and it seems that side is sticking out this time too.  Maybe she stretched it out for her sister?  At any rate, all the movement comes on the right side and that is the side that I see move as well.

It's a...: Girl.  The name is still undecided, so those of you who have gotten names from MJ, they don't mean much yet :) 

Exercise:  I've been getting a lot of steps in (at least compared to before) but I am getting more and more tired doing it.  I figure I have to keep doing it, though, so I don't become too lazy...

First born:  I got MJ some books about having a baby sister around and she is SO in love with them.  One is this book contained in a collection of stories by Eloise Wilkin that my mom got her.  It is all about a little girl who has a baby that she takes care of while her mom takes care of her new little sister.  MJ is constantly asking me to read it to her, and is clearly dreaming of when she gets to do the same.  I think her maternal instinct is stronger than mine.  Another little girl at daycare has a new baby sister, a few months old, and MJ is constantly asking her questions about her sister, and why she does certain things (why is she crying?  Does she want her nuk?  etc.)  She actually seems to be preparing for being a big sister, which is fascinating.  She has told me how she will bounce her and rock her when she cries.  How she will always make sure she is buckled into her car seat.  It all makes me wonder if having a first born who's a girl is easier than having a first born who's a boy.  I have yet to meet a boy child who cares about another baby arriving, but little girls seem to relish the thought.

She did recently ask me how baby gets out.  I didn't know how to answer that one, but I'm sure I'll have to revisit it.  Especially since she might be around when I go into labor, I'd like to prepare her for the process.


  1. I know my doctor takes your 12 week weight as your starting weight... I easily gain 10 lbs the minute I find out I am pregnant so I never fully trust my doctors numbers. However this pregnancy I have no idea what I weight at the beginning or 12 weeks.

  2. You are right about that, MJ seems WAY MORE invested in this new baby thing than my first born boy did. Like WAY. I can't even imagine, he loves his little brother now, but still has no desire to help with things or do anything other than make him laugh. He even pretty much refused to hold him when he was a newborn, he would push him away and say, "Mommy hold Louie."

    Anyway, so MJ sounds sort of like a dream to me. So freaking adorable.