Monday, February 28, 2011

This is how I feel most of the time

Today's picture comes to you courtesy of my friend, neighbor, and fellow blogger.  I have to throw in that "neighbor" part while I can, because we put in an offer on a house yesterday that would make her no longer my neighbor.  I find this inexplicably sad.  The idea of breaking up the girls and possibly their future rock band career has been in the back of my mind throughout this whole process.  However, in the front of my mind is the fact that we no longer fit in our house.  Furthermore, while I might lose two blogger neighbors, if we buy this house I would gain another.  
At any rate, DH has been working a lot lately, which means a lot of one-on-one-toddler-time for me.  Anyone that knows MJ knows that means constant activity, constant defiance and constant energy.  She's usually a barrel of fun, but that is intermixed with plenty of tantrums and lots of death-defying stunts.  This photo pretty much captures it.  I'm not sure why she's been in the habit of sticking her hand down her diaper lately, though it's probably related to the fact that we FINALLY got her back into cloth after fighting off a series of nasty diaper rashes.  And those letters scattered all around?  She made sure I was watching, got a twinkle in her eye and dumped them all over the floor. 


  1. I hope you find out soon about the house. While we will of course miss you, we'll have to set up monthly visits to keep the girl power rock band dream alive. I'm thinking dinner parties in that awesome new kitchen will be in order...

  2. If you guys end up in the neighborhood, we'll just slowly work on luring Erin and Molly too!