Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The inner workings of a toddler

I am tired today.  So tired that I find it hard to concentrate on those things I should be concentrating on.  On the way in this morning, my husband told me he thinks it's bogus that when I'm tired I suck at thinking critically.  But that's how my head works.  And so you get a blog post.

A blog post about me wondering why my child won't sleep.  It's been a rough month.  We travelled out west, and the time change and festivities messed with MJ's sleep schedule.  So be it.  Then we returned, and she started back at daycare, and did really well.  Not waking up much at all, sleeping until 7 in the morning.

And then she got sick.  Puking.  Lots of puking.  Puking in my hair.  Puking in our bed.  Poor thing, I felt bad for her.  She still slept pretty good, considering.  Then husband went away for a week.  As soon as she got over the puking she picked up some sort of cough-hack-virus.  Husband says to me "But she just got sick!"  as though that should insulate her from getting sick again.  So I said to the virus "Virus, she just got sick, give her a break."  Funny how Mr. Virus didn't listen.  And she coughed, and my Mama-Brain feared she would stop breathing in the night.  So if she cried, I brought her into our bed. 

And she barely slept. 

Go to sleep late.  *cough*  Wake up.  Move to Mama's bed.  *cough*  Wake Up Early.  *cough* Wake Mama Up Early.  *cough*  Refuse to nap.  *cough*  She is now over the virus.  And she is still up all the time.  She wants to play!  We get her to sleep, put her in her crib, and an hour later she is awake again.  *cough*  *Play!*

So I am tired.  I would like to blame this on a cognitive change.  The number of times I have googled "cognitive develoment of a ___ month old" is somewhat embarrassing.  I fear this is the beginnings of a fussy toddler.  There is much shrieking and flailing happening, day and night alike.  We tried a bit of cry it out last night.  But we have a very determined little child, and I don't think I have a night of screaming in me.  How do you reason with a toddler? 


  1. Whenever you think you got it figured out, something changes. Sigh.

  2. Reasoning doesn't work, In my opinion you just have to learn to deal with the situation and make it best for you. Have a good night!

  3. Blergh. My goodness, this is my life right now. Stomach flu, puking, virus/cold, a week of ok, 5 days, 4 nights sleeping at grandma and grandpa's while my husband and I were on vacation (first time away!), home again, sleeping ok for 2 nights, another virus/cold, this time, it's even more HORRIBLE. Refuses to nap. Three nights (and counting) spent sleeping upright in my arms in the rocking chair, because he won't sleep for longer than 15 minutes any other way, and wakes up coughing like he is going to cough up his lung, which turns to ferocious sobbing. Even better, husband is out of town on business, so I'm single-momming it up here.

    I am feeling very sorry for myself right now, you and me both sistah. Hang in there. "This too shall pass." I have to believe that.