Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poo in a jar, blueberry poo, and my picky child

I have this post that has been sitting in rough draft purgatory for weeks.  Months, probably, because my sense of time has completely collapsed.  You know what it was about?  My 2 cents about how to make your kid a fantastic eater.

Seriously.  MJ has been fantastic at the food stuffing of the face.  As in, can't get enough of the broccoli.  And I was proud.  I liked to think it was my commitment to making all her food from scratch.  And because I'm a fantastic cook.

But it turns out none of these statements are true.  She is no longer my showcase stuffing-of-the-face child.  As in, I will eat blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries, until even my poo smells like blueberries.  It makes diaper changes kind of pleasant, but then you realize you're enjoying the smell of her poo and remember that that's gross. 

And furthermore, she now picks up the food off her tray that is not deigned worthy of her lips, looks at me, lifts up her tiny baby arm and dramatically drops it on the ground.  She then says with a french accent "How dare you feel mama-smugness!  I will show you!"

On a side note, today I was teaching my students about methane clathrates.  And one student volunteered a cheerful tidbit about some kids who were saving poo in a jar and trying to get high from the methane.  I swear to you, MJ, that if you are ever that desperate to get high I will go buy you some whiskey.  I'm certain I will regret saying that someday, so I'll go ahead and take it back now.


  1. Laughing too hard to write a real comment...

  2. Um, oh my goodness, I was just telling someone the other day that Gus's poo totally smells like blueberries. The first time it happened, I was all, "what is that smell, why do you smell like blueberries?" And then I checked the diaper. Now it's a nice-smelling way to know he needs a changing. ;)

    Lol at the smug mom stuff... everytime I think about saying something out loud that might come accross as smug, I catch myself, because it usually means I will be eating my words within the week.

    But it's sort of impossible to not be a little smug/judgy every once in a while. Why am I such a biatch?!

  3. Mama smugness... I don't think it's about wanting other parents or babies to do poorly, but instead the feeling that you're actually doing something right. Because doesn't seem like you're always doing something wrong? So when you finally figure something out, I figure you've earned a little bit of pride over it, because it's only going to last a moment.

  4. I'm sure she will come around one day :-) She's just exerting a little independence by throwing the food down. Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you liked the pasta salad. I think increasing the fruit is a great idea and grapes are a logical addition. Reminds me I should make it again. Too hot for cooking at the moment so it would make an easy meal.